Winter 2014

Robert Sternberg joins Human Development’s faculty
Psychologist Robert J. Sternberg has been appointed professor of human development at the College of Human Ecology, effective Feb. 1.
Two neuroscientists join Human Development’s faculty
Last fall, the department of Human Development welcomed two more neuroscience researchers, husband and wife Adam Anderson and Eve DeRosa, from the University of Toronto.
Book debuts brain models of risky decision-making
Valerie Reyna’s new book aims to help us understand the neural roots of bad decisions, synthesizing the research and introducing new models of brain function to explain and predict risky behavior.
Sex abuse triggers early puberty and its problems
Sexually abused girls reach puberty before other girls, a new study by Jane Mendle finds, and early puberty increases their risk of having emotional problems.
Age changes how young children read social cues
When learning from adults, children use social cues to figure out what actions are important, but they read these cues differently depending on their age reports a study by Tamar Kushnir.
Scars of childhood poverty found in adult brain scans
The chronic stress of childhood poverty can trigger physical changes that have lifelong psychological effects, a study of adult brains by Gary Evans has shown.
Genes predispose some people to focus on the negative
Some people are genetically predisposed to see the world darkly, according to a study by Adam Anderson.
Study: Mom’s favorite child tends to stay the same
Similarities in personal values and beliefs between an adult child and an older mother keeps that child in favor over the long-term, and that preference can have implications for mothers’ long-term care, reports a new study by Karl Pillemer.

Students in the News

New project aims to engage youth in neuroscience
Students in Reyna’s lab are working on a new initiative to translate her research into hands-on activities for teaching middle-school youth about the brain, health, and science.

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Book Talk: The Neuroscience of Risky Decision Making. February 10, 2014 from 12:00pm to 1:00pm, Mann Library, room 160.