New Project to Develop Resources on Preventing Self-Injury

Janis Whitlock

A new project, “Youth-Development Based Resources for Preventing Self-Inflicted Violence and Promoting Positive Coping in Adolescents” has received 3 year funding through a Smith-Lever grant. The project is intended to develop downloadable materials and presentations that increase awareness of individual and environmental factors leading to non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI), offer YD-based approaches to enhance coping in adolescents, and build capacity to detect and respond to NSSI and other signs of distress and violence in youth. The materials will be designed for use by Cooperative Extension Educators but are intended to be of value and use to others as well. The Principal Investigators are Janis Whitlock, John Eckenrode, and Jane Powers and the grant will be administered out of the Family Life Development Center (FLDC).

Further Resources

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video logo The Cutting Edge: What Parents Need to Know About Self-Injury in Adolescents. Dr. Janis Whitlock, February 28, 2007.